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Double-flank gear roll testing

Double-flank gear roll testing is a method of quick, reliable and inexpensive measuring of gears. It helps you indetify damaged parts in your batch, provides with data of double-flank deviations, fluctuation of axis distance as well as information of the radial runout.

Following deviations are measured and evalutated:
Fi" - total composite error
fi" - tooth to tooth composite error
Fr" - average value of radial runout


Other measurable and evaluable devations:
j     - backlash
Aa - fluctuation of axis distance
Mz - measure over teeth
Mdk - Measure over pins/balls

Double-flank gear roll testing inspects your gears flanks (left and right) simultaneously with constant force in radial direction. Tooth error(s) causes deviation of axis distance which is evaluated by well-known standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA, JIS, JGMA, BS, etc.).






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