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Single-flank gear roll testing

It is a highly sophisticated and accurate method of measuring and evaluation of your gears where both flanks (left and right) are measured individually in fixed axis distance and/or required postion of backlash.




Following single-flank deviations can be measured and evaluated:

Fi´- tangential composite deviation
fi´ - tooth to tooth composite deviation
fl´- longwave component
fk´- shortwave component
j    - backlash
Fp - total pitch deviation
fpt - adjacent pitch deviation
fu - diffrence between adjacent pitches
Fr - radial runout
Contact pattern, V/H cycle, FFT analysis


Principles of single-flank gear roll testing:

  1. mounting distance is fixed during the measurement
  2. left and right flanks are tested separately
  3. both spindles are equiped with high-precise rotary encoders
  4. results of transmission error





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