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Who is an amdinistrator of your personal information?
The administrator of your personal information is us: GEARTEC.CZ, s.r.o., resided at Strojařská 2072, 25088 Čelákovice, Czech Republic, ID: 25043013. Our company manages your personal information.

What personal information we collect?
Only that personal infromation that you provide us with.

Do we provide any third parties with your personal information?
Yes, we do. We are allowed to provide any third parties with your personal information only if:

  • we need to give it to the transport agency and/or courier to deliver you the ordered goods;
  • we need to enforce our claims and/or rights. In that case, we will provide our attorney with your personal information;
  • our legal system and/or a legislative/executive body and/or local authorities invites us to provide them with your personal information;
  • we need to make an insurance claim.

What is your personal information that we collect automatically?
When you visit us on our webpage (www.geartec.cz), we are allowed to collect certain personal information (such as: IP address of your device, date and time of your access on our webpage, information of your web browser, operation system and/or language). As well, we are allowed to collect  certain data of your activity on our webpages (such as: links you click on, webpages you visit, time you spend on them).

In case you access our webpages from a mobile device (like a cell-phone, tablet and similar devices), we are allowed to collect some data of your mobile device.

Cookies are also collected automatically. You can always turn off cookies and manage your preferences in your web browser settings. 

Why do we collect your personal information?
Here are the main reasons why we need your personal information:

  • if you send us any questions and/or inquiries, we need to collect your personal information to answer;
  • if you purchase an access to our Knowledge Base, we need your personal information to provide you with a login information;
  • if we need to enforce our claims (providing that you have some due payments to us) and/or if we are under inspection from local or state authorities or similar serious reasons, we need to use your personal information.

Rightful interests
Upon our rightful interests we manage your personal information that is collected automatically (cookies). You are entitled to interpose an objection by sending us an e-mail to info@geartec.cz.

Your agreement
For commercial purposes (e-mail marketing) and/or telemarketing, we manage your personal information. We are allowed to send you marketing materials or reach you on the phone in spite of not having your agreement if you already are our customer. At any rate, you are entitled to forbid us to send you any materials by e-mailing us at info@geartec.cz or calling us at +420 326 992 207.

How long do we keep your personal information?
In case you are our customer, we keep your personal information for the whole period of our contractual relationship and/or until you withdraw your consent.

Be also informed that we have to keep certain information for a period of 10 years (like tax invoices) as this is imposed to us by a law.

Personal information that we gathered in order to crate a login to our Knowledge Base, we keep as long as you actively use our Knoweldge Base and/or for a period of 5 years.

Data collected through cookies is deleted after 30 days. Older data is accessible anonymized in Google Analytics.

How do we protect your personal information?
Your personal information are stored safely. In order to protect your personal information, we have taken both technical and organazing measures. Your personal information is kept password-protected and saved in secure data servers with authorized access only.

What are your rights?
At any time, you are entitled to:

  • withdraw your consent with collection of your personal information by us,
  • complement your personal information, 
  • limit us using your personal information,
  • place your claim or impose an objection,
  • be informed if your personal information has been kept unsecured or the security has been broken by any means, 
  •  access your personal information we have,
  • ask us to delete your personal information (your personal information on documents we have to keep according to the law - invoices, packing lists, delivery notes and similar - cannot be deleted for the whole period stipulted in the law. We will not remove / delete your personal information providing that you are due with any payments and/or in the process of warranty or any other claim.

For any reason above, please contact us at e-mail info@geartec.cz.

If you need to file a complaint reagarding your personal inforation we collect, please contact Personal Data Protection office (www.uoou.cz). However, we'd like to ask you to first settle a dispute with us and therefore, please contact us at our e-mail info@geartec.cz or call us at +420 326 992 207. 

Valid from: 1st August 2023

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