Installation of our recent machines


Do you need to inspect noise and vibration on your bevel gears?

GTB 300 W-M 01.jpgOur sophisticated GTB system provides you not olny with a standard single flank inspection but a unique noise and vibration analysis, too. A set of professional accelorometers and microphones along with advanced software module shower you with requested data, diagrams and results that help you investigate on noise and vibration. Contact us for further information at any time!

Worm / worm gear inspection?

GTWGSingle (double) flank inspection machine for worm / worm gears GTWG 400 - 700 is a great choice for you! Contact us for further information.


New fully-digital solution for you...


No lonoger our machines are equipped with any analogue system(s). Digital, fast, reliable data transfer is the only way!

Looking for a bevel gear inspection?


Our GTB machines fully motorized or manual meet the most strigent requirements on quality, accuracy and measuring repeatability. Please, feel free to contact us at any time fur more detailed information.


Control Show 2022

Dear customers!
Based upon our deepest consideration, we need to inform you that our company will not take part in Control Show 2022. Instead of one exhibition a year only, we've decided to attend several local exhibitions around the world to show our products and services to wider public. We look forward to meeting up with you.

About us

GEARTEC.CZ is a modern engineering company that follows a 80-year tradition in manufacturing of gear machines and gear inspection machines in the Czech Republic. Since we entered the market in 1998, we have focused on manufacturing of brand new, unique and high quality inspection machines for all types of gears in terms of single and double flank testing.

Nowadays Geartec.cz is one of the most important world-wide suppliers of gear inspection machines. Our experience results from more than 150 pieces of supplied machines and from individual approach to each customer. The goal of GEARTEC.CZ is not only to produce inspection technology, but as well to help our customers to achieve higher quality of their production.
The success in this area is proved by a significant number of front gear manufacturers, who use inspection machines  produced by GEARTEC.CZ and belong to our satisfied customers.

Due to the research and development of new technology we try to bring better tools for quality evaluation. Our partners in that field are universities in Czech and Germany and some of the front manufacturers of gear machines. Thanks to them we are able to test our new products during the course of development.


EMC Compatibility Certified


Installation of GTWG2000

Please have a look at some photos of installation of our single flank inspection machines GTWG for worm gears up to 2000mm! Interesting, isn't it?


Looking for sales-agents

Our company is looking for new sales agents around the world. Should you be interested in becoming part of our team, please contact us here