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Gear design & calculation

Are you in need of proper gear design and calucaltion of all parameters? Do not hesitate to ask us for this service.

We can offer you:

  • design of gear ratio
  • design of gear dimensions and geometric calculations
  • selection of toothing dimensions
  • calculation of control dimensions
  • stress analysis of toothing
  • graphical control of profile
  • CAT drawing
  • *.stp file, 3D model

For further information, please contact us directly.

Precise inspection of rotary tables or linear guideways?

Let us offer you precise inspection of both rotary tables and linear gudeiways on your machines by our calibrated/certified Renishaw XL-80 laser system, XR-20 rotary axis calibrator and a set of lenses. You will be in a fair way if you contact us now.

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